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    Hello there, and welcome to Fly my darling

    Kia ora! Welcome to Fly my darling, a blog to inspire, encourage and empower you to embark on your own independent travel journey. My first solo travel experience was in 2015, when I left New Zealand to work at a summer camp in USA. I was based in Michigan and spent two months teaching windsurfing and stand-up paddle-boarding to American teenagers, followed by a month travelling from New York to Los Angeles (21 days sleeping in a tent named Eunace). This experience was the beginning of my independent travel journey. I was 22 years old and it was the first time I felt free, really free. Free to be whoever…

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    Six things I cannot travel without

    “Would you like a coffee?” This is my secret weapon for striking up conversation with a stranger in a hostel kitchen (especially a hostel without free tea and coffee facilities). The last time I used this line was in Lake Bled, Slovenia and it resulted in a new coffee-loving friend from Australia whom I ended up spending the entire day with. We spent over five hours exploring the lake and multiple viewpoints. It was actually the most enjoyable day I had at Lake Bled (and was followed by an evening of drinking beersies and talking Irish craic with three other mates we made later on once we got back to…

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    Best websites for booking transport in England

    Let’s be real, a majority of trip planning these days is organised on the internet. If I did not have access to these websites during my 5 weeks of travel throughout England, I simply would not have travelled to as many destinations, and I certainly would have blown my budget (not hard to do in England, transport here is not cheap!). If you are planning a trip to England, I definitely recommend you check out these websites before you get there or as soon as you arrive. If you’re like me and you like to travel simply and on a cheap budget, then these websites will be vital to ensure…

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    Getting over the wobbles: 10 tips for dealing with anxiety while travelling

    I call it the wobbles. Yes. The wobbles. That feeling of… being flat, feeling a bit down, not feeling like yourself. When new situations terrorise you instead of excite you. When small mistakes unsettle you, instead of empowering you. That’s what I call the wobbles. For me, it tends to occur when my mind-set is not at it’s clearest (or brightest), maybe I haven’t slept well, or there’s something on my mind. The wobbles decide to attack after a few mistimed and unfortunate things happen in a row, on a day when I am just not prepared to handle any sort of hurdles. Know what I’m talking about? I suppose…

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    Pros and cons of public transport options in England

    For five wonderful weeks at the end of last year, I travelled in and around England exploring busy cities, historic villages and incredible hiking trails. As a solo traveller, I lived off the public transport system. England has a much more robust transport system than New Zealand, and it is so easy to take advantage of. Coming from New Zealand where pretty much everyone has a car, and public buses are only used in the main city centres, it was quite daunting figuring out the best (and cheapest) way of getting around. You have to be aware that travelling throughout England is certainly not cheap! But because I care about…